TEHNOPLAST Krusevac with the primary activity is the production of cosmetic packaging of molded plastic . More than 25 years of research and experience has led to enviable results in the form of a variety of products for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

What makes Tehnoplast different from other manufacturers is that the entire product produced right here in one place .
A complete process of construction of an injection tools , their development and later production of plastic parts is done within the same company . With more than 500 different products Tehnoplast be singled out as one of the leading manufacturers of packaging.

However , the thing that is most famous paper tube for lip balm .

Highly productive tools and provide high productivity of these cores , and the production capacity of close to 2 million cores per month .

To complete the picture of the many products offered Tehnoplast , it is best to look at the catalog of finished products .

With the development of Tehnoplast a company that manufactures packaging , created the idea to start with the production of the final product . The opening LETA COSMETICS Ltd. It was made ​​possible in addition to packaging , supply and finished product . In this way, the entire process is completed , the production of packaging , printing , making the mass , filling the blister pack , and all in one place .

This allows production of the finished product on the principle of private brand.

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Lipstick K8



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